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Carson Foundation funds Upper Body Cycle for Sparrow Carson Rehabilitation Center

CARSON CITY, MI – The Carson Foundation funded the purchase of a new Upper Body Cycle for Sparrow Carson Physical Rehabilitation Clinic to replace equipment that was more than 25 years old.

The upper body cycle improves cardiovascular endurance, develops muscle, and improves upper body strength. For patients with upper extremity injuries, this piece of equipment helps return arms to normal function. For patients with lower extremity injuries, the upper body cycle helps maintain fitness levels and improves endurance and strength in arms and shoulders.

Monte Shearer, Physical Rehabilitation Clinic Manager, said I’m pleased that the Foundation would support the purchase of this unit for us. Many patients will benefit from this generous gift.”

The new upper body cycle is a lot quieter, equipped with more technology features – like settings for interval training and program customization for each individual Patient – and has a lot more variability as compared to the previous equipment. The unit and chair can adjust in height, the seat swivels for wheelchair accessibility, and also moves back to offer a standing position. The new cycle is a zero-entry unit, meaning patients with limited leg mobility can access the machine easier.

Services offered at Sparrow Carson Physical Rehabilitation Clinic include sports injury rehabilitation, comprehensive return-to-work therapy services, and physical therapy for injuries and conditions such as joint pain and arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain with a McKenzie certified therapist, and much more. The Sparrow Carson Physical Rehabilitation Clinic can be reached at 989.584.3184 and is located at 602 East Elm St., Carson City.

For more information about the Carson Foundation, or to make a donation, contact Shelly Weaver at 989.584.0979.


Photo caption: Monte Shearer, Physical Rehabilitation Clinic Manager, set the new machine for a patient as she begin therapy.


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